Mobile call ends search for missing boat passengers – ‘I hope we find them’

Mobile call ends search for missing boat passengers – ‘I hope we find them’

Boat owner and search and rescue captain William “Bear" Smith has confirmed that the search has been called off in regard to a missing commercial craft.

The search for the six-metre (20-foot) long (2.5 m) vessel is being performed by Canad카지노 사이트ian and Canadian-led teams after a helicopter, which is also helping in the operation, reportedly “found no signs of life" in the area.

‘She’s in trouble’

Smith, who spoke to CBC news, said the search was expected to last about 20 hours until the search was suspended due to deteriorating weather conditions.

“The weather has deteriorated considerably to the point where we’ve been unable to make a full recovery, and I hope we find them," Smith said.

A witness on the ice near where the search began at night on Monday. The vessel was not in sight

“It’s sad but unfortunately we have not been able to find the vessel, as that’s our goal… Our goal is to identify the passengers."

“This is not a commercial, there were no people on board," Smith said. “We’ve had four crew members on board."

An air search in the area also began on Tuesday morning, with a helicopter spotted “close enough" to the search area but unable to land because of poor visibility.

It is believed the man that went missin카지노 사이트g was in the pilot’s seat when he called to tell the other passengers about the missing ferry, the captain has confirmed, but was unable to get on board.

바카라Police are searching for the last survivors of the group of 14 passengers — including several infants — after a two-hour search.

Three of those onboard were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash early Tuesday morning and the four remaining are believed to be trapped in the water, according to Quebec police.

All seven bodies have been taken to the St. Joseph’s Hospital in Quebec City.

The survivors are safe and accounted for, Smith said.

Smith described the distress of the crew when asked how they survived the crash.

“It was just panic, I don’t know how they survived that," he said. “I have no idea."

Smith told the CBC news agency that he has received reports that the vessel was in distress when the crash occurred.

Search area to stretch to about 2.5 km (1.1 miles)

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