Flatley praises larkhams genius on live TV

Flatley praises larkhams genius on live TV

Fletcher celebrates an amazing night out at his home

Flatley says he’s glad that his career continues after leaving Wigan

The ex-Wigan player said on ITV: “I’m not sure what I would do if I was an old bloke who was working all of those days but I’m glad that I’m not.

“I have been blessed, you can’t blame a footballer for that, I’ve worked really hard, I’m a player in every sense of the word."

The 37-year-old’s career has been derailed by injuries, but he feels he is getting back on tra솔레어 카지노ck.

Flatley said: “I’m glad to be back. In my career, I have been on the sidelines.

“I have looked forward to playing matches but to be back on the pitch – it’s the be에스엠 카지노st feeling. I’m in a better position to win the titles again.

“I feel a certain sense of confidence. I felt in my best form this year but I feel like that is the right move."

Image caption Fletcher looks forward to playing for his team again

Flatley also praised the support shown by fans after leaving Wigan.

He said: “There has been incredible support from a couple of my old clubs.

“It’s been amazing, I’ve been through that on a number of occasions but I’ve been away on a family holiday so you only get so far.

“I know people are a bit sad and upset but I look forward to being able to go to my children’s house and go to Christmas with them. I’m a bit sad about it because it’s been one year since I’ve been away but it’s better than being the only one out there."

But Flatley had a far less optimistic outlook on how his career would go after leaving Wigan.

He added: “I haven’t really been a fan of the whole thing. It has been a nightmare over my career at Wigan and it’s given me a lot of ups and downs.

“But I’m still very, very proud of the club, they are a fantastic club and they’ve done something special.

“They’re winning the league now and that can’t be down to me예스 카지노."

He has been told to bring in more players so Wigan can finish higher on the table next season.

And now we will se

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