Nursing home battles fatal outbreak after hospital nurse died of suspected bacterial infection

Nursing home battles fatal outbreak after hospital nurse died of suspected bacterial infection

A nursing home nurse and several employees were killed in a hospital battle with a mysterious virus that left a nurse dead in June, prompting a lockdown at nine other nursing homes nationwide, state officials said.

The death of Elizabeth E. Moore, 62, of Northridge, California, was the latest death in a series of hospital deaths or mysterious disease infections. A nurse was also killed at a nursing home in Tennessee and a nursing home in Florida in September, just one month after the CDC released new data on a mysterious case of West Nile virus, a mosquito-borne disease which has struck states from Florida to Texas.

Moore served in the county hospital as an assistant director, overseeing patients with pneumonia and other acute respiratory-transplant diseases. She had worked for the hospital for 16 years and had a history of depression, according to the California Department of Health Services.

Moore was among four nurses working at the Northridge Nursing Home to care for patients with severe respiratory and cardiovascular disease when the infectious disease began last성남출장안마 Sunda강남출장샵y at 6 a.m., said Nancy E. Smith, communications director for the California Department of Health Services, which manages the nursing homes. She said the outbreak was in early stages, although authorities suspect the nurses were exposed to a contagious strain of a bacteria.

In the wake of the nursing home case, Smith said the California Department of Health Services was taking additional steps. She did not mention the nursing home by name.

The department has also contacted hospitals around the state to ensure they can provide adequate staffing and personnel to respond to emergency situations, she said.

The hospital was initially declared safe for extended periods because no hospital-acquired case is expected to develop, she said.

A news release from the California Department of Health Services said Tuesday the nurses who died Sunday had been with the hospital since July.

“All four nurses were attending the nursing home as a team member when the nurses realized a patient who was sick or in need might be susce강남출장안마ptible to a potentially deadly respiratory disease," according to the release. “A preliminary investigation revealed the illness is potentially treatable. The workers, including the other four nurses, developed multiple signs and symptoms, which were tested by medical personnel, including a microbiologist. One nurse’s condition deteriorated and she was declared a non-viable patient. Three others developed respiratory problems, and one was treated for flu. All four nurses are in intensive care."

The release also states that the incident i

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