Shaky australian batting vulnerable against new zealand-hippy new year-day bowling

Shaky australian batting vulnerable against new zealand-hippy new year-day bowling

Tendulkar: Sri Lanka’must find a way to keep this game alive’ © Getty Images

Sri Lanka have faced a daunting test against Australia at their Olympic stadium in Christchurch, New Zealand. At least four of them have faced Tests before. 여성 마사지Their captain, Ricky Ponting, believes they are unlikely to be as quick as they have been in recent years. His side were 5 for 45 with just one wicket when taking on Australia in Christchurch on the back of two rain-interrupted Tests and one Test in Johannesburg. Ponting has been keen to emphasise that t모나코 카지노he team need to have an identity as the team who won the T20 World Cup after losing the Ashes in 2006.

It is one thing for the bowlers in the team to be fast and aggressive and to score runs against spin. Their opponents are going to need to be quick and patient to hold on against spin. Sri Lanka and Australia will play a three-day one-day series in late May.

“They are going to want to take a lot of wickets but they need to stop scoring runs. It will be difficult because you will need lots of wickets to win it."

Virat Kohli (left) and Mahela Jayawardene are the most powerful batsmen in the world © AFP

The second Test of the first ODI of the series is on Sunday (5 May). Sri Lanka haven’t dropped two Tests in a row during the series, but that will be difficult against the fast-hitting fast bowlers of Australia. However, they will be wary of making mistakes. “I don’t know if Sri Lanka have changed," said Ponting. “I think they are one of the very strongest teams in the world, but they also have good ball-control because they play through the middle in their first innings and at a pace you can’t control. It’s important that you look out at the field and think you’ve done everything you need to do."

Their bowlers – in particular, the fast-hitting Virat Kohli and his brother Mahela – have done well under captain Murali Vijay as they have limited the opposition in terms of scoring runs. Kohli is the fastest bowler in the world and has scored the most runs of any of the four batsmen from the Test series. He has only won eight Test matches against 나비야 마사지Australia.

The most important thing is tha

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